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Alessi Double Bowl

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Alessi Double Bowl

Donato D’Urbino & Paolo Lomazzi - 2003

Alessi - Italy

Donato D’Urbino & Paolo Lomazzi designed thermal insulated double wall bowl in mirror polished stainless steel. Available in four sizes.

DUL02/12 - 12.5cm Ø x 5cm h (5” Ø x 2" h)
DUL02/20 - 20cm Ø x 5.8cm h (8” Ø x 2.25” h)
DUL02/25 - 25cm Ø x 7.3cm h (10” Ø x 2.75” h)
DUL02/32 - 32cm Ø x 9.5cm h (12.5” Ø x 3.75” h)

DUL02/12 is available as a set of two bowls only. This collection of bowls cleverly exploits the space between the two walls to keep the ice-cream or fruit salad at the right temperature for the time it takes to eat it!

* Colour samples are approximations only, and may vary from actual colours.

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