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Spore De-Light Doorbell

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Spore De-Light Doorbell Button

Ted Pierson & Tom Gordon - 2002

Spore - USA

Illuminated doorbell button with clean lines and contemporary materials that make it suitable for any environment. The De-Light is constructed of durable polycarbonate with an aluminum faceplate, and surface mounts without any visible hardware. This doorbell button is ideal for condominiums, apartments, residential and commercial use. The De-Light works with most standard doorbell systems. Other applications include: call buttons, interactive displays, garage doors, security systems and more. Available in various colours.

6.5cm Ø x 1.6cm d (2.55” Ø x .63” d)

 spec sheet

All Spore doorbells work with most standard doorbell systems.

- power requirements: 8-16 Volts AC or 6-12 Volts DC.
- power consumption: less than 1 watt
- light source: Illumination is provided by LEDs that produce light in colours of the specific button. The LEDs will normally last over 100,000 hours or 11 years!

* Colour samples are approximations only, and may vary from actual colours.

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$75.00 CAD

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