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Spore Round LED Doorbell

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Spore Round LED Doorbell 
Ted Pierson & Tom Gordon - 1996
Spore - USA
Ted Pierson & Tom Gordon designed illuminated doorbell button that will give your guests an inviting welcome. The Round button incorporates current technologies and materials in a contemporary design. This doorbell button is ideal for condominiums, apartments, residential and commercial use. The Round button works with most standard doorbell systems. Other applications include: call buttons, interactive displays, garage doors, security systems and more. Available in various colours.
6.7cm Ø x 1.7cm d (2.64” Ø x .68” d)

 spec sheet
All Spore doorbells work with most standard doorbell systems.

- power requirements: 8-16 Volts AC or 6-12 Volts DC.
- power consumption: less than 1 watt
- light source: Illumination is provided by LEDs that produce light in colours of the specific button. The LEDs will normally last over 100,000 hours or 11 years!

* Colour samples are approximations only, and may vary from actual colours.
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