Knoll Small Spaces For Modern Living

If you live in a major city almost anywhere in the world, chances are you’re intimately familiar with the concept of compact living. As our urban centers become more dense, so do our living spaces, which can lead to challenges when deciding how to furnish and decorate them. Overcoming these challenges means looking at your space with an innovative perspective and following some tried and true methods to get the most out of your space.

Living with less space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and functionality. To that end, we’ve teamed up with our partners at Knoll and come up with a few ideas and products that are perfect for small living spaces.

Use furniture with slender profiles

In a compact space, furniture pieces with fat rolled arms or puffy cushions will seem too inflated. Skinny furniture profiles, such as the Knoll Risom Lounge Chair, will keep your room feeling airy and make efficient use of your square footage.

Go with fewer but brighter pieces

A great design formula for a smaller space is to reduce what you put in the room, but prioritize character. Use colorful artwork and streamlined furniture, but avoid a clutter effect by minimizing the amount of decorative objects. Stick to the basics, but in bright colors! 

Consider a transparent coffee table

When space is limited, using glass or acrylic surfaces will help open the room up and create the illusion of more space. Transparent tables, such as the Florence Knoll coffee table collection, will also help bring a sense of calm to small spaces that start to feel visually chaotic and cramped. 

Focus on leggy pieces

Choosing furniture that are elevated by slender legs will achieve much the same effect as glass and acrylic pieces. Armchairs or sofas that are elevated off the floor will bring a sense of light and airiness to even the smallest spaces. 

Rethink your sofa

It’s second nature to think you need a conventional sofa when you think “living room”, but there may be a better way to arrange the seating in your space to make the most of it. If your living room feels crowded, consider substituting the sofa or sectional with a smaller settee or loveseat. The KN05 Settee from Knoll is a great example. This, paired with a well-placed lounge chair can transform the flow of a room and bring a refreshing stylistic flair in the process. 

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