Phenomena Suspension Lamp - Cone

The collection was inspired by simple shapes: a circle, a triangle, a rectangle and an oval. The term phenomenon comes from the Greek word for “appearance”. The forms are what you see on first sight. In Plato’s idealist philosophy, phenomena are transient, likenesses of the eternal, perfect Forms and so are not truly real. This seems very fitting for a collection made in a material that is so difficult yet versatile, so strong yet fragile as glass.

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The Phenomena Collection is made by underlying colored glass technology. Thanks to the manual process of blowing underlay glass, each piece is an original. Individual products may vary slightly in intensity, hue or even color. This is an accompanying characteristic of the traditional underlay glass technology. 

All Bomma products are hand-made from mouth-blown lead-free crystal. Therefore any small bubbles, non melts and irregularities in the glass are both proof and a characteristic feature of this traditional craft. 

Key Features
  • Underlay colour glass. Polished stainless steel / gold mounting
  • Available in four different shapes: cone, small ball, large ball and capsule
  • 98.4" black textile braided cable
  • Light source: 1 LED 6W E26 2700K 390lm (not included) 
  • Dimmable


Dimensions - Phenomena (Suspension Lamp)
Width Depth
Small Ball - 15.7" Small Ball - 15.7"
Large Ball - 21.6" Large Ball - 21.6"
Capsule - 15.7" Capsule - 15.7"
Cone - 21" Cone - 21"
Height Weight
Small Ball - 24.4" Small Ball - 33 lbs
Large Ball - 30.5" Large Ball - 49.5 lbs
Capsule - 38.2" Capsule - 50.6 lbs
Cone - 24.8" Cone - 52.8 lbs

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