The Party Wall Sconce

‘The Party’ is inspired by a clan of strong, captivating personalities. Their casted ceramic faces bring to light our fascination with secrets, family dynamics and intrigue. If seen together, as a splendid party, they brighten up the stage with their cool playfulness. Yet behind the lamps’ composed façades a mischievous side seeps through and touches our imagination.

The Party Wall Lamp by Moooi brings exaggerated human expressions to life. Inspired by bold personalities and family dynamics, designer duo Kranen and Gille have artfully created wall lamps that resemble shocked faces. This tactile display made of ceramics features rough textures and a granular finish that enhance its overall appeal, while the high-quality LED lighting within seeps through the eyes and mouth to brighten the space around. Install it on its own or with a mix of other faces in this collection to bring an intriguing look to hallways, lobbies, or living spaces.

Please note materials shown on this website are representative of the finish to be supplied and may not indicate an exact match; some variation may occur.

Key Features
  • Ceramic, Enogobio Finish, Aluminum, Brass knob
  • Light source: 1 LED 6W Max 2700K 85 CRI 77 lm (included)
  • Mains dimmable (trailing edge / reverse phase) 
  • Requires installation
  • CuLus Listed
Dimensions - The Party (Wall Sconce)
Depth Width
Bert - 4.3" Bert - 6.3"
Coco - 4.3" Coco - 7.1"
Glenn - 3.9" Glenn - 6.7"
Ted - 3.9" Ted - 6.3"
Mayor - 3.9" Mayor - 6.7"
Height Width
Bert - 8.7" Bert - 1.1 lbs
Coco - 8.7" Coco - 1.1 lbs
Glenn - 8.7" Glenn - 1.1 lbs
Ted - 8.7" Ted - 1.1 lbs
Mayor - 8.7" Mayor - 1.1 lbs

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