38V is a variant of the original 38 series where a large glass sphere is blown with a multitude of haphazard interior cavities, which intersect and collide in unpredictable ways. 38V is smaller and lighter. The are 4-6 cavities blown within each sphere, 3 of which house light sources, while the remaining are deep enough to house plants. Any kind of plants can be used for this model, but Bocci usually recommends using cacti, succulents and air plants.

Key Features
  • Clear glass exterior spheres and milk white interior lamp holder cavities
  • Blown glass sphere, black flexible cord with brass base and dial control
  • Light Source: 1.8W LED (included)
  • 90" long flexible cable with dial control for on/off dimming
  • The notch on the back of the pendant base and dial control can be used for wall mounting
  • The brass base and dial control are untreated and, as such, will develop a natural patina over time


Dimensions - 28 Table Lamp
Lamp Diameter Base Diameter
7.5" - 8.5" 3"
Wattage Weight
1.8W LED  6 lbs