Two seats and a table for every 46 inches of façade. So there’s bound to be space for a Bistroo on any balcony or on the pavement beside your door. In short, Bistroo is a warm welcome to come out more often and enjoy a wonderful afternoon outdoors in the sun.

No need to leave your purse or backpack on the ground. The Bistroo has a hook that can be used as a purse hanger. So keep your valuables close to you, away from dirt and potential pickpockets.

The hook also serves as a stacking spacer, to make sure that the Bistroo tables are not damaged when stacked.

Bistroo can be fixed to the floor to prevent them from being moved, or worse, from being stolen. We provide a connection piece that replaces the end cap on the base of the shorter table leg. However, sometimes it is not enough to just attach your table to the floor as bolts can always be unscrewed.

  • Stackable up to 4 pieces
  • Sit side by side
  • Ideal for outdoors
  • Very Stable


Length Height
45.67" 34.65"
Width Weight
37.01" 52.91 lbs