In 1966, the Platner Collection captured the "decorative, gentle, graceful" shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern vocabulary. The iconic coffee table, which creates a focal point in any modern living room, is created by welding hundreds of curved steel rods to circular frames, simultaneously serving as structure and ornament.

Key Features
  • 3/8" Thick Tempered Glass
  • All Marble Tops Feature A Bevel Edge
  • 3/4" Thick Coated Marble Tops Have Transparent Polyester Coating To Help Stains
  • Large Tops Include Sub-Top That Fits Into The Base Opening To Ensure Stability
  • Clear Plastic Extrusion Ring For Smooth Bottom Surface
  • Nickel And 18k Gold Finishes Are Plated And Polished


Dimensions - Platner Coffee Table
Diameter Height
36" 36"
Height Weight
15.25" n/a