QlockTwo Touch is a table clock with an alarm function. It also shows the time using a matrix of letters in written words. In addition to the compact format, the ease of use makes the QlockTwo Touch a popular design object. A light touch of the housing is sufficient to control core functions such as night-touch mode as well as alarm deactivation and snooze function. The front cover is carried by magnets and can easily be exchanged. QlockTwo Touch is available with fronts made of polished colored acrylic glass or with steel fronts in six designs. Available in selected language.

Key Features
  • Includes exchangeable front cover. 
  • Night Light. At the press of a button the night light function is activated. A second press turns the light off again.
  • Snooze. The alarm rings but you are not quite ready to start the day? Simply touch the top of your QlockTwo Touch to activate the snooze mode.
  • Alarm. QlockTwo Touch can reliably wake you or remind you of an appointment, first gently then with some persuasion. The alarm function is turned on and off by pressing the alarm button
  • Illumination Sensors enables the brightness of the LEDs to adjust automatically to the ambient light conditions. The luminosity can also be set manually
  • When the seconds mode is activated - the seconds are displays as large figures on the front matrix. In seconds mode the minute points in the corners are still viable

Power Supply Dimension
USB power supply unit port: 100 V − 240 V ~ 50/60 HZ, 200 mA 5.31" x 5.31" x .66"
USB power supply unit output: 5 V 1 A
QlockTwo Touch Port: 5 V 550 mA
Ambient Temperature Weight
+15 °C to +30 °C 1.10 lbs