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Dab Penguin Sculpture


Bosa presented its new project dedicated to nature and endangered species. To underline Bosa’s commitment to endangered animals, a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of the Dab Penguin by Vittorio Gennari and the Panda by Elena Salmistraro will be donated to the WWF. Designed using the low-poly technique, this ceramic penguin is defined by a few lines, while its facets are emphasized by the introduction of precious metal enamel.


This sculpture is designed by Vittorio Gennari in ceramic for the brand Bosa, a geometric penguin doing a dab. The penguin gesture refers to the sign made by some athletes after an exceptional performance. 60% of the world’s penguins have disappeared over the last 50 years, yet this penguin seems to say ‘I'm here and I'm a hero’. This call for attention is meant to raise awareness about what’s happening to those (besides us) who live on planet Earth.

Please note materials shown on this website are representative of the finish to be supplied and may not indicate an exact match; some variation may occur.

Key Features
  • Glazed ceramic, hand-finished with glossy gold metal
  • Entirely made by hand using the ancient techniques of ceramic making
  • Noble and precious metals such as gold, platinum, copper and their ranges, applied with a brush, fuse into the glaze during the firing process, brought to a temperature of 720° to guarantee the authenticity of the materials and its durability over time

Dimensions - Dab Penguin (Sculpture)
Width Height
12.20" 14.96"

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