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Geopablo Vase


Vase Geopablo designed by Jaime Hayon for Bosa. The TheatreHayon is a collection of ironic ceramic characters. The theatre of lined-up faces talks you through their funny and colourful expressions. The collection consists of vases, teapots and candle holders.


This ironic collection from the imagination of Jaime Hayon features a sequence of colorful characters that communicate via their amusing expressions. A mini theatre of candle holders, vases and teapots reinterpret their role, animating the house with who knows what kinds of extravagant, fun stories! There’s a new member of the family: the Geopablo vase, an irreverent, hyper-decorated clown-juggler.

Please note materials shown on this website are representative of the finish to be supplied and may not indicate an exact match; some variation may occur.

Key Features
  • Glazed ceramic
  • Entirely made by hand using the ancient techniques of ceramic making
  • Handmade in Italy

Dimensions - Geopablo (Vase)
Width Height
11.81" 12.20"

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