Ligne Roset


A basalt island! Lovers of nature and geology, in particular, will recognize the source of inspiration for these tables: basalt columns formed from the solidification and thermal contraction of magma flows. Indeed the designer was fascinated by the regularity of these hexagonal prisms which can be topped with less regular elements which are sometimes arranged in wreath shapes. The Lewa low table takes exactly this wreath shape, in which each component has its own unique shape. The surface is thus divided into several separate sections in which a harmonious display of various objects can be arranged. One of these sections is made from ceramic, with edges sufficiently high to hold water so that cut flowers can be delicately arranged as they might be in a mini Japanese zen bowl.

Base in satin-finished black lacquered steel; top in natural (non-brushed) satin varnished solid ash; tray in gloss green enamelled moulded ceramic.

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