The series "Fantasmini", created by the famous artist Jaime Hayon for Bosa Trade, is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The small and medium sizes are coated in glossy gold, and the big size in glossy platinum.

Please note materials shown on this website are representative of the finish to be supplied and may not indicate an exact match; some variation may occur.

Key Features
  • Glazed ceramic, hand-finished with precious metals
  • Entirely made by hand using the ancient techniques of ceramic making
  • Noble and precious metals such as gold, platinum, copper and their ranges, applied with a brush, fuse into the glaze during the firing process, brought to a temperature of 720° to guarantee the authenticity of the materials and its durability over time
  • The decorations are hand-painted by master artists with great precision and experience

Dimensions - I Fantasmini (Sculpture)
Width Height
Small - 7.48" Small - 12.2"
Medium - 9.06" Medium - 14.57"
Big - 10.24" Big - 17.72"