"My great grandfather believed that his huge moustache could frighten little girls. So he gave my mother, his granddaughter, a very special gift that should make up for his frightful feature. He brought her a doll. The first plastic doll that was ever made. Today, you can see them everywhere. Different kinds of dolls. But converted into a beautiful, timeless material and eclectically remixed with emotional and iconic features from our pop culture, this doll becomes much more. The doll flirts with the past and, through an unexpected design, she offers high emotion, casually seasoned with nostalgia. She is an emotional container, a rock star, Batman, the gate keeper of the things you treasure the most, she is a wooden doll, a cat, a bringer of doubts, she is an ultimate emotional extravaganza." Nika Zupanc

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Key Features
  • Glazed ceramic, hand-finished with precious metals
  • Entirely made by hand using the ancient techniques of ceramic making
  • Noble and precious metals such as gold, platinum, copper and their ranges, applied with a brush, fuse into the glaze during the firing process, brought to a temperature of 720° to guarantee the authenticity of the materials and its durability over time
  • The decorations are hand-painted by master artists with great precision and experience

Dimensions - Oh, Baby, It Is A Wild World (Sculpture)
Width Height
13.77" 15.74"