Dada 厨房

$113,000.00 $241,531.00
Dada 厨房灵活多变,无论是带有岛屿或半岛的模块化厨房,总有一款适合每个家庭的室内风格。Dada 厨房作为意大利高档设计厨房,由 Dante Bonuccelli、Luca Meda 等知名设计师操刀设计打造。


Iconic Vela handles provide different possibilities for opening drawers, doors, and columns. Handles are equipped with finger recesses for mechanical opening, with the option of electric motorized push-pull opening systems.


Dada’s moving parts confirm the unceasing work of research aimed at combining design and functionality through innovative but discreet technological solutions. This is the true distinctive mark of Dada kitchens. All drawers are equipped with Dada runners made by Grass. The Vionaro runners with a side in black Multilinee anodised aluminium are made exclusively and are patented by Dada.

Dada Vela14 Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops
Subzero/ Wolf/ Asko Appliance Package
Plumbing Fixture Package



  • All display pieces are sold as - is.
  • Add on items needed to complete kitchen to be determined
  • Site preparation is not provided by Livingspace
  • Product protection after installation not provided by Livingspace
  • Patching or touch-ups required to be determined at time of installation. Cost of labour to be determined.

  • Installation cost includes delivery fee within Metro Vancouver, garbage removal
  • Applicable taxes not included in price
  • Full payment must be made to secure display sale
  • Livingspace can store kitchen in warehouse for up to 3 months from removal (currently stated for July 2022)

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