海象 - 俱乐部椅

Color: 深灰色

Extremis has turned the idea of outdoor seating completely on its head. Using a super robust cover material creates a sleek, weatherproof sofa that always looks great. This modern outdoor sofa has an ingenious storage pouch in the back which hides a foldout blanket and a thick cushion. It feels soft to the touch and guarantees the best comfort in contact with your body.

You can feel the softness in seconds and have a warm, dry and comfortable place to sit outdoors whenever the sun comes out. This is outdoor seating for all seasons!

  • Waterproof & ultra durable material 
  • Simply clean with a water hose
  • Water evacuating: reduces maintenance to a minimum
  • The optional blankets keep you dry and warm


Club Chair
Length Height
66.93" 24.02"
Width Weight
43.31" 178.57 lbs


Corner Seat left
Corner Seat right
Length Height
55.12" 24.02"
Width Weight
43.31" 136.69 lbs


Middle Seat
Length Height
43.31" 24.02"
Width Weight
43.31" 92.59 lbs


Foot Stool
Length Height
43.31" 12.99"
Width Weight
31.5" 37.48 lbs


Seat with armrest & side table left
Seat with armrest & side table right
Length Height
65.75" 24.02"
Width Weight
43.31" n/a


Seat with 2 side tables
Length Height
64.96" 23.62"
Width Weight
43.31" n/a


Seat with side table left
Seat with side table right
Length Height
53.94" 24.02"
Width Weight
43.31" 114.64 lbs

Livingspace 内饰


参观位于温哥华的 Livingspace 陈列室,或直接联系我们的设计团队以获取有关材料、配对和定制设计的建议.