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Zoe Kubb 区域地毯

ZOE 是 Daria Zinovatnaya 和 GAN 首次合作的成果。该系列由两个高度视觉化的地毯组成,表达了形式和颜色对其创造者的重要性,并告诉我们它的参考:俄罗斯至上主义和包豪斯。 KUBB 是组成该系列的两个地毯之一。它是通过费力的手工打结或手工打结制成的,这样可以提供大量的细节和蓬松而温暖的饰面。

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The hand-knotted technique is a manual rug-making method that allows for extremely detailed designs, precisely because rugs are made knot by knot. It is a very laborious technique and, consequently, it offers great flexibility. Bearing this peculiarity in mind, we at GAN create hand-knotted designs with both uniform patterns as well as with apparent randomness.

Please note materials shown on this website are representative of the finish to be supplied and may not indicate an exact match; some variation may occur.

Key Features
  • 100 % wool
  • Available in two sizes
  • Manufactured using hand knotted technique
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Design by Daria Zinovatnaya


Dimensions - Zoe Kubb (Area Rug) 
Width Depth
7'11" 6'8"
9'10" 8'6"
Height Weight
0.47" 0.82 lbs / ft²
手册 不适用
材料 不适用
技术的 Gan 地毯清洁和保养说明
保修单 不适用

Livingspace 内饰


参观位于温哥华的 Livingspace 陈列室,或直接联系我们的设计团队以获取有关材料、配对和定制设计的建议.