14.1m Suspension Light

14 is an articulated, cast glass sphere with a frosted cylindrical void that houses either a low-voltage xenon or LED lamp. Individual pendants are visually subtle, but gain an atmospheric quality when multiplied and clustered in groups.

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The 14.1‘m’ designation refers to the mini canopy size. The mini canopy is just over 30mm (1.2”) in diameter and 11mm (0.4”) deep, which creates a subtle profi e that will essentially disappear into the application surface.

The 14.1‘mi’ designation refers to the mini innie canopy. The mini innie canopy is 35mm (1.4”) in diameter (exposed), 88mm (3.5”) in diameter overall, and 35mm (1.4”) deep, which is meant to be mudded into drywall. Note: not adjustable after drywall is finished.

The 14.1‘mo’ designation refers to the mini outie canopy. The mini outie canopy is 38mm (1.5”) in diameter and 16mm (0.6”) deep, which creates a subtle profile that will essentially disappear into the application surface. 

Key Features
  • Mini Canopy 1.2"dia, Mini innie canopy (mud-in) 1.4"dia 
  • Porcelain, borosilicate glass, braided metal coaxial cable, electrical components, brushed nickel canopy
  • Remote mounted (fixture does not hook directly to a junction box)
  • Adjustable 10' or 20' standard cable. Up to 100’ maximum (special order. contact us for pricing)
  • Light source: 1.5w LED or 20w xenon (included)
  • CUL and UL listed


Width Height
5" Adjustable 10' cable, Standard
Wattage Weight
1.5W LED or 20W Xenon 4 lbs

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